‘FIORE’ is Italian for flower, and we are focused solely on the cannabis flower and its wonderful attributes.  FIORE was born out of the necessity to bring exceptional cannabis genetics, growing standards and passion to commercial cannabis – keeping craft cannabis alive.  Our team has passed through the ranks of the cannabis industry while it has matured in the last 15 years.  We have taken the experience, the knowledge and the pride from growing exceptional cannabis and delivered it to the Nevada marketplace.  We want you to experience the simplicity, elegance and quality, in the finished product, that is decades in the making.

Grow Methodology:

Simplicity is our driving factor:

We work closely with our Organic Certifiers to purchase products that comply with national organic standards (OMRI, WSDA, CDFA certified)

Our Methodology is to cultivate soil:

Feeding the soil creates biology, that feeds plants, similar to that found outdoors in old growth forests

We go beyond the test results:

Our methods limit the waste sent to landfill and focus on reducing our environmental footprint

Our packaging is not meant for landfills:

We buy re-usable, recyclable packaging and are working toward compostable packaging