Nevada Apex Facility Overview

Today: 7.07 Acres - 10,000 Sq Ft Cultivation - 1,000 Sq Ft Processing

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Fiore has completed two (2) buildings (totaling 10,000 ft2) situated on 7.07 acres of land in the APEX Industrial Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Cultivation + production has been generating revenue since early 2019.

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In Development

Fiore has raised funds to convert the Apex facility to LED lights and is implementing the company’s proprietary organic grow methodology from Canada. Additional funding to purchase advanced distillation equipment is being sought as is expanding our cultivation footprint by constructing hybrid greenhouses.

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Future Plans

Fiore will raise $4-6mm to expand cultivation to 80,000 sq ft and plans to expand the Diamante Lab to include ethanol extraction for the production of edibles (branded and white label). Revenues are anticipated to grow more than 5x once the expansion is completed.