October 29, 2019

An Interview With Rahim Mohamed, President And Director Of Citation Growth Corp

Below is our recent interview with Rahim Mohamed, President and Director of Citation Growth Corp:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Citation Growth Corp?

A: Citation Growth Corp (CSE: CGRO; OTCQX: CGOTF) is a publicly traded company that focuses on cannabis cultivation and processing across various jurisdictions in North America. Citation has facilities and operations in Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada with licenses to build up to 569,600 square feet. We have a dispensary in Desert Hot Springs, along with licenses and properties in California and Washington. Our Canadian operations are in British Columbia with facilities being built in Celista. Citation is focussed on providing premium organic cannabis to consumers from all our facilities and we are the only company in the State of Nevada that has Triple-Certified Organic product.

Citation has five well established brands in Nevada (Fiore, Blunt Box, Gardens of WeEden and Superior) and we recently announced our new brand: Diamante Labs, a high-end extract product line, made with the company’s Fiore Triple-Certified Organic flower. This ultra premium brand will include Diamonds (high TCHa crystalline formations with fractionated terpene “sauce” added), live resin, sugar waxes and live resin vape pens. We are committed to cultivating and processing organic cannabis and using our extraction facility to provide premium products for consumers, all while staying dedicated to environmentally conscious methods of operation. More information about our brands can be found on our website at

Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: Citation is focussed on building a strong foundation which we see as cultivating and producing the best quality organic cannabis consumers can buy. We thrive on creating the Best Quality products as well as products that are Healthier for consumption by making Citation’s products free of any chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Citation is the only company in the state of Nevada that is Triple-Certified Organic. The Triple Organic Certification consists of three separate certifications that have been issued to Citation by nationally recognized organic standard boards. These include: EnvirOrganic Farm Certification, Certified Kind, and Clean Green Certifications, which all verify that our cannabis is organic and produced following the most stringent industry standards.

Our Las Vegas crops are continually inspected, tested and sampled to verify that Citation is consistently upholding all requirements to hold these prestigious triple organic certifications. Our organic growing methods and top of the line genetics combined with our use of the most naturally occurring hydrocarbons in our extraction process makes our product some of the cleanest on the market. Citation Growth is focussed on setting a new standard for quality, cost and margin in all our operations and is already generating revenue.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

A: The cannabis sector is in its infancy and a new industry in general, so most cannabis companies are facing challenges. The entire industry itself is still growing and overcoming challenges, each company feels the effects of this.

For Citation, the biggest challenge was creating a brand that consumers recognized as premium organic cannabis with superior quality. Becoming a recognized brand takes time and we have been committed to showing consumers that we are dedicated to consistently cultivating and producing the best quality cannabis that consumers can buy. With the vape crisis and lung illnesses spreading rapidly, consumers are becoming more cognisant of the cannabis products they purchase. Consumers have started to learn more about organic cannabis, its production methods and its benefits. As a result of this, demand for Citation’s organic cannabis brands is steadily increasing, for all our products including our flower, extracts, and vape pens. Citation’s organic cannabis brands can now be found in 47 of 60 dispensaries in Nevada and our brands are becoming synonymous with premium quality organic cannabis.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Presently, we are converting our current Pahrump facility to be certified organic and we plan to build out another 40,000 square feet of cultivation in Pahrump. Over time Citation will build out the entire 569,600 square feet in Nevada, but this will occur in various phases. In relation to our production facility in Nevada, we plan to eventually white label our products which allows us to maximize the use of our production facilities, increase revenue, raise awareness of our premium quality organic products, all while creating sustainability.

With Nevada operations up-and-running, Citation plans to get the Canadian facilities complete and operational in Celista, British Columbia, which will be a major milestone. Lastly, the company also plans to acquire or receive our own dispensary license in Las Vegas to be fully integrated from seed to sale and we will eventually strive to get into CBD production.

Q: What reasons would someone invest in Citation Growth Corp?

A: Citation has tremendous assets and upside potential but most importantly, the company’s revenue has started climbing. We have focussed on building a strong foundation of cultivation by consistently growing premium quality organic cannabis. By doing this it has allowed us to make sure that the mainstay of the company, cannabis, is reliable and thus able to generate consistent revenue. Our brands and our cost of production will help support and drive company sustainability and take this company and hopefully the entire cannabis sector to new levels. For those wanting any additional information please visit our website at

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October 29, 2019

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